10 Amazing Place in Egypt

For many people planning to travel to Africa, Egypt is among the most preferred vacation destinations. One great place you should visit when you while on holiday in Egypt is the northern coast. With millions of tourists visiting every year, this region is one of largest tourist markets in the world. This coast stretches for 500 kilometers from Agani, a resort town west of Alexandria, all the way to the Libyan border at a village called Marsa Matrouh. The Arabic name for this region is Sahel Shimali.

Northern Egypt

Northern Egypt is particularly famous among Egyptians living in Cairo and Alexandria looking to cool off during the summer months, as well as Arab and European visitors seeking year-round sun and relaxation. Renowned for its rich history, the Great Nile River, and the white, sandy beaches, blue turquoise waters and coral reefs found along the Red Sea, Egypt has beefed up its efforts to include its Mediterranean shores as a primary attraction to draw visitors to the country.

Sidi Abdel Rahman resort

There are many beautiful spots along the Northern Coast from Alexandria to Mersa Matrouh, among them Sidi Abdel Rahman resort. Situated in a secluded bay with very clear waters, Sidi Abdel Rahman has several villas and hotels.

Mersa Matrouh

In Mersa Matrouh, a natural bay and unspoiled beach, you will find perhaps the finest spot for swimming and sunbathing in Egypt. To many travelers, Mersa Matrouh is among the most beautiful beaches in the world, with its soft white sand and amazingly clear waters. It is located 290 km west of Alexandria and dates back to the days of Alexander the Great.

Cleopatra’s Bath

Besides the beaches, there are other attractions in the Mersa Matrouh. These include Cleopatra’s Bath, a rock-hewn whirlpool bath off-shore which is said to have been used by Antony and Cleopatra, a ruined temple fort built by Ramses II, an early Coptic chapel and “Rommel’s Hideout”, a cave where military campaigns used to be planned and which has now been turned into a military museum.

Mersa Matrouh

Another great destination on the northern coast is the Ageeba beach, located 28 km west of Mersa Matrouh. It is famous for its alluring scenery and several natural caves. Al-Abyad beach, 20 km west of Mersa Matrouh, is yet another beautiful beach destination, with some traveler’s claiming that it is more beautiful than even Mersa Matrouh.


Alexandria, the second-largest city in Egypt, is in its own right a great travel destination. Popularly known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Alexandria has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern, yet it is situated only about 200 km from Cairo. It is also distinguished from the other Egyptian cities by its cultural and historical heritage and its general ambiance.

Alexandria was founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, and designed in the shape of a chessboard by Denokrates II the architect. The city is today an important commercial center, renowned also for its cosmopolitanism and bohemian culture. The population of Alexandria is today at over 3 million people. It is home to several of Egypt’s tourist attractions including beautiful beaches, a number of ancient monuments, and museums.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Lighthouse of Alexandria is among the popular tourist destinations in Alexandria. The Lighthouse was originally built in 280 BC to serve as that port’s landmark. With a height variously estimated at between 115 and 135 meters (383 – 440 ft) it was among the tallest man-made structures on earth for many centuries and was identified as one of the 7 Wonders of the World by classical writers.

The weather along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast becomes drier and hotter as you travel westwards. However, in Alexandria it is windy and cold during winter, accompanied by torrential rains. You may not be able to swim in the Mediterranean sea until June when the sea gets warm enough. You can however be sure of continuous sunshine from April to November.

In Egypt, including in the northern coast, you will find a variety of hotels and accommodation facilities, from 5-star luxury resorts to budget lodging. If your trip to Egypt falls in the popular winter season, it is best you make your hotel reservations in advance. Generally, Egypt is a good value destination, and therefore Egypt hotel rates are cheaper when compared to equivalent hotels in many other travel destinations in Africa.

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