10 Best Places to Visit in Greece

A honeymoon trip to Greece may be one of the most underrated destinations around. This veritable stronghold of Western Civilization, travelers to Greece report a friendly warmth of its people and positively astounding romantic vibes in the shadow of some of Greece’s most ancient structures and artifacts.

1.The Acropolis

No matter how famous the name, words can hardly describe how a visit to this ancient location can be. Once you have created the marble steps leading to the Acropolis, and on a clear day, travelers will be treated to one of the most breathtaking panoramas on earth. Looking towards Pireaus visitors will see ships outside of the local port as well as the isles and mountains of the Peloponessos. The photo ops from this location alone make it well worth the visit, and the walk up those stairs.


Though it may require a bit of imagination to view Olympia as it once was, it is still an incredible sight to see the span of ruins that was once a bustling metropolis. The first Olympic Games were held here and continued for 1169 years. The Olympic torch is still lit here every four years in front of the Temple of Hera. Once touring this site most visitors come away with a new sense of what the Olympic games really mean to our history and the culture of Greece.

3.Mykonos Windmills

It may be difficult to determine the most romantic thing you can find to do in Mykonos, but it sure isn’t for the lack of options that lie on this Greek Isle. Enjoy some one-on-one time as you navigate the narrow cobblestone streets, watch the sunset as you enjoy a tavern luncheon, or stop by the windmills. Although the windmills are a stunning sight from any angle, visitors are encouraged to take a quick ferry out and back to Mykonos so that they can view the spectacular panorama they present from a bit off the coast.

4.Valley of the Butterflies

On the Island of Rhodes, there is a load of local culture to experience. One of the most unique places on Rhodes is the Valley of the Butterflies. This serene place of unique beauty is ideal for hiking, relaxing to watch thousands of butterflies in most native and idyllic habitat or to enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine in the nearby restaurant that overlooks a breathtaking waterfall.

5.Sunset at Agios Georgios Castle

Until the 17th century, Kefalonia was the capital of Agios Georgios. The castle itself know as St. George’s, dates back to the Byzantine times and offers stunning views of the countryside as well as a modern-day view of old Venetian architecture. This is one area that is vital to explore while visiting Greece. Do not forget your camera on this excursion.

6.Sail Between the Isles

Sailing between the Greek isles can be one of the most romantic methods for taking in all of them in a relatively short time. Since the islands represent over 1/5th of the total area of the country of Greece, let the Aegean Sea and Ionian Sea winds guide your sailing vessel around the lush terrains and views offered here. If you check ahead of time, you may even be able to charter a private yacht from one of the many bases that have them available to travelers. Check with locals in Athens, Corfu, Lefkas, Paros, and Rhodes for private charter options.

7.Visit the Palace of Knossos in Crete

Crete is a very popular travel destination that has a variety of sites for its visitors to explore. The Palace of Knossos is one of them. It is highly recommended to bring along a guide, or at least a guide book so that you do not get lost in one of the 800 open rooms out of a total of the 1300 total the palace contains. Home of the mythical Minotaur and connected to the name of King Minos, this labyrinth of a palace is an absolute must-see. It is advisable to visit the palace before the main heat of the day rolls in. Try a morning visit to ensure your comfort while you explore.

8.Sample the Famous Wines of Santorini

By most common votes, Santorini is one of the most intriguing and unique of the Greek Isles. A lovely honeymoon setting, Santorini’s soil makes it an incredible wine region for Greece. Dating back to the Bronze Age, Santorini’s wines are famous for being the best wines in Greece, and indeed the world. There are five large and major wineries in Santorini so finding a great tour for a wine tasting should be easy even if you haven’t planned ahead.

9.Secluded Beaches of Corfu

Corfu can be reached by ferry, plane, or bus and is very popular among travelers from the UK. While it offers a bit different of an experience from the Cyclades, the walks along the narrow alleys of the old city and a chance at finding a secluded beach for a bit of privacy make this entire island a must-see if you have an extra day to spend in Greece. Sunrises and sunsets on Corfu are a definite reward in natural beauty.

10.Stroll Through Athens

Athens is an incredibly beautiful and memorable city. However, there is no better way to see it than to actually walk. The view from the ground will not only give you an idea of how the ancients who built it lived, but it will also give you the chance to absorb the rich history of the city. Visitors can admire the archeological museums as well as walk through the old city itself. Byzantine churches line the walk and some have said that they seemed to feel an ancient breeze in the rich fragrances of the area.

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