10 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

As part of your Los Angeles holidays, you should rent a convertible, drop the top and cruise on over to these ten iconic landmarks.

1.Hollywood Sign

Your first stop should be the famous Hollywood Sign, one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. Although you may have seen it in numerous films and advertisements, the sign appears completely different up-close.

2.Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is where the city honors it’s most famous legends. Stroll down the legendary walkway and see how many names you recognize. You might see a live ceremony when a celebrity receives their star.

3.Griffith Park

Griffith Park is home to the Los Angeles Zoo, the Greek Theater, Travel Town and the Griffith Park Observatory. The zoo has Komodo dragons and other unique animals from around the world. You can enjoy a stage performance at the theater or view celestial stars from the observatory as you learn more about the universe.

4.Olvera Street

Olvera Street is the thoroughfare for more than 27 historic LA buildings. It is one of the city’s original streets and is located in El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument. There is a traditional Mexican-style plaza as well as several quaint local shops that sell handicrafts. You can take a free tour of this remarkable village during your Los Angeles holidays.


Thrilling adventures await the young at heart. You can enjoy roller coasters, water slides and movie-themed rides as well as shows and arcades at Disneyland or one of the city’s other amusement parks, such as Universal Studios, Six Flags or Knott’s Berry Farm.

6.Studio tour

For a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite TV show or movies are made, take a studio tour. If you plan ahead, you may be able to reserve tickets to a show that is filmed before a live studio audience. You can learn about the special effects and movie-making techniques that produce the final result that you see at home or in the movie theater.

7.La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits reveal a glimpse into life in the Los Angeles area long before people arrived. The oozing tar pits have encapsulated a wide array of animals over the past 30,000 years, including saber-toothed cats and wooly mammoths. Scientists are still excavating the area in search of even more undiscovered natural wonders.

8.Getty Center

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is an architectural gem that houses an extensive art collection. You’ll view works by European masters, sculptures and over 44,000 pieces of Greek, Roman and Etruscan art. 1,200 of the items are on display at all times.

9.Sunset Strip

For the ultimate LA experience, cruise down Sunset Strip, the mile and a half span of Sunset Boulevard between Beverly Hills and Hollywood. This eccentric mix of shops and restaurants has served as the backdrop to many films, television shows and historical events.

10.Santa Monica Pier

No trip to LA would be complete without a trip to the beach and the Santa Monica Pier. You’ll witness the laidback Southern California lifestyle as you enjoy the sun, sand and surf near this old-fashioned seaside amusement park.

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