The Best 10 Honeymoon Destinations in The World

Selecting your honeymoon destination is among the most exciting aspects of your wedding preparation. After the exhausting but extremely memorable and special wedding day event comes to the highly awaited vacation of rest with your spouse – the honeymoon! Where do you intend to go for your honeymoon?

There are numerous beautiful locations in different parts of the world. However, selecting the finest honeymoon destinations is a bit difficult. Presented below are the top 10 honeymoon destinations as chosen by various travel industry professionals. Little descriptions have been included, highlighting their appealing features.

1. Mauritius

Aside from being an excellent honeymoon destination, Mauritius tops several other lists also. A paradise bathing within the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is arguably the world’s most romantic holiday destination. Highly developed resorts with numerous spa treatments, indulgent dining venues, warm sunshine, and white sandy beaches – what more could a newly married couple want.

2. Hawaii

Hawaii islands have lots of crystal clear waters and tranquil green beaches. You and your partner can take a romantic stroll on the island’s beaches. You can also engage in adrenalin-pumping activities such as hiking, diving, and surfing.

3. Mexico

Mexico attracts numerous tourists, including newly married couples, on account of the fantastic climate, luxurious accommodations, Mayan archaeology, and unspoiled beaches. Acapulco, Tulum, Vallarta, Cozumel, and Puerto are some of the tourist destinations in Mexico.

4. Australia

If you plan to make your honeymoon a remarkable travel experience, you should consider going to Australia. It is a beautiful country where there is something for everyone. One great place you can visit is Oz, and nothing is as romantic as enjoying a good glass of wine with your partner while you watch the sun go down over Ayres Rock.

5. Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are popular among honeymooners from different parts of the globe. It has lots of fantastic beach resorts plus private islands. If you intend to spend your honeymoon in this exotic place, you can go to destinations like Antigua, Aruba, and Anguilla. These island communities are extremely beautiful and adequately equipped to meet the needs of guests.

6. California

California in the United States of America can be split into 2 parts – south and north California. In the northern part of this city, you will see captivating mountain regions as well as forests. Conversely, Southern California has numerous beautiful beaches. If you wish to view the finest of this American city, you can visit places like Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Disneyland.

7. South Africa

If you are searching for something a bit different for your honeymoon, you should consider going to South Africa. This country offers a city break experience that is both exciting and unique. Also, its safari and wine tasting tour is a superb method to celebrate your wedding.

8. Italy

Italy is definitely one of the world’s most preferred honeymoon destinations. Italy has lots of attractive cities that you can visit, however you cannot afford to miss Venice. With lively streets, heritage buildings, and churches, Venice offers a special type of honeymoon experience.

9. New York City

New York can be described as a paradise for honeymooners. Newlyweds visit the Empire State Building so as to bask within the misty moments of romance and love. Many find New York’s Brooklyn Bridge an ideal spot to ignite romantic mood.

10. France

The major attraction of the honeymoon trip to France is the delicious gourmet, intricate artwork, and splendid architecture. You can tour the nation’s countryside for a romantic and relaxing getaway. However, remember to visit Eiffel Tower located in Paris, whenever you visit this country.

That wraps up our exciting list. Do you plan on choosing one of these top 10 honeymoon destinations for your vacation of a lifetime?

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