Top 10 Places to Visit in Argentina

Argentina, located in South America is famous not only for the football team but for great places there that attract the attention of tourists from across the world. If you’re the one planning to visit Argentina, it’s definitely a great decision. Our list of top ten places to visit in Argentina will accompany you for a better tour experience. Check it out:


1. Pampas

Pampas is flat and is a fertile land located in South America that covers more than 750,000 km. Pampas is also called a plain without trees. The humid Pampas ecosystem is one of the richest grazing areas in the world. Here you will find animals like eating birds such as the Double Collard Seedeater, the great Pampas Finch, the grassland Yellow Finch, and the Long Tailed Reed Finch, African Ostrich, the Australian Emu, and several other interesting mammals can be found in the pampas.

2. Iguazu Waterfalls

Iguazu Waterfalls is situated in the northeast of Argentina and it 300km away from the Capital city of the province. Iguazu Waterfalls is a true wonder of nature and is heralded as the most beautiful waterfall in the world. There are more than 270 falls in an area where cliffs. At Iguazu waterfalls, forests are filled with bamboo, palms, and delicate tree ferns which increase the beauty of surrounding areas.

3. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires some time called as silver queen is the capital and largest city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is the most beautiful and coquettish city that offers great entertainment, lovely architecture; you can also enjoy the nightlife here with music and tasty food. In this famous city, you will see San Telmo Market, La Boca Neighborhood; the center towns are attractive places for the tourist.

4.Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego is Located in the southernmost portion of South America.  It is famous for its island Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego which covers an area of 48,100 km2. Tierra del Fuego is popular because of its thousand-year-old forests, lakes, snowed mountains, and steppes; the province offers multiple possibilities for practicing winter sports and tasting gastronomy based on fish and seafood.


Cordoba is located northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After Argentina Cordoba is the second most important country that has many impressive sceneries, with plenty of eye-catching sites because of these reasons it is famous and popular among world tourists. Cordoba is a fertile and agricultural area that is watered by River Primero.


Mendoza is the capital city of Mendoza province. In the Mendoza area, you will find a lot of exciting things to do, its beautiful vineyards, fresh wine, lovely white snow, skiing centers. You can also enjoy Hiking and bicycling in these areas. Museo Popular Callejero, Palacio Municipal, Camarín de la Virgen del Carmen de Cuyo are the famous places in Mendoza to visit.


Patagonia is located in Argentina and Chile. In Patagonia, there are plenty of unique and delicious things to eat Patagonia. Perito Moreno Glacier, the Patagonian Ice Sheet, and penguin colonies are the popular places at Patagonia. Patagonia is famous among tourists because of the great southern whales that are often seen in Patagonia.

8.Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is a city in the province of Chubut; is one of Argentina’s fastest-growing cities. Argentina Puerto Madryn is another exciting place you have to visit if you are in Argentina. There you will see wonderful beaches with great weather, enjoy diving, fishing, yachting, and even some windsurfing.


Talampaya National Park is located in the sierras of the central-western region of the Rioja Province. Here you will find 56 genera of fossil vertebrates have been recorded from the area, including fish, amphibians, and a great variety of reptiles including the direct ancestors of mammals.

10. Valdez Peninsula

Valdez Peninsula is located on the Atlantic coast of Chubut Province, Argentina. At Valdez Peninsula, you will find interesting animals, such as Austral Right Whales, various penguins, and elephant seals. Enjoy seeing these exotic animals or relax for a while in some of the hot baths.


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