Top 10 Places to Visit in Israel

Hardest decision to take while on a trip to Israel is probably finding the best sightseeing places. There’re lot of travelers’ destinations there in Israel that compiled a list of top 10 places to visit in Israel. Stick to the list if you’re there in Israel for a quick trip and be sure that you enjoy all of these places well. Look into the list below.

Dead Sea

If you have a wound or just need to relax or chill out, the Dead Sea is the ideal place to find comfort. Dead Sea is the saltiest and lowest place on the earth at 400 meters (1369 feet) below sea level. It is located east of Jerusalem and continues south. The amazing thing about Dead Sea is that, as you float in the Dead Sea, you’ll see a pool of oil around you- that’s oil being cleansed from your body.


The Old City Jerusalem is a relatively small area on the eastern side but now modern Jerusalem is a large sprawling city. The heart of the Old City is the Temple Mount. Jerusalem is a religious center. The city is divided into four sections: Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter and Muslim Quarter. Jerusalem is a religious center.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel after Jerusalem and the largest metropolitan area. Tel Aviv city is located on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is a mixture of business and seaside resort. Tel Aviv is the country’s greatest cultural center, a home for a variety of museums, galleries, theatres and concert halls. Tel Aviv gives you the opportunity to hone your bargaining skills and get a taste of the real Israel.


If you want to see amazing coral reef, beautiful fish, and crystal-clear water, Eilat is the best place to go. Eilat has its own airport so is easy to get to. In Eilat, there is a red sea. The length of the sea is 1900 kilometers. Eilat is one of the world’s best diving sites.


Nahariya is the northernmost coastal city in Israel. Nahriya is Founded by German Jews during the fifth immigration period in1930′s.Nahriya is a place where one can enjoy an active vacation amidst an atmosphere of serenity. The beaches in Nahriya are clean and popular tourist destination. The beach area also includes several hotels, a park, shops and a small marina.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is one of the most beautiful places and favorite areas of tourism. Sea of Galilee is a famous lake with interesting history. This is the place where Jesus walked on water and it is accessible through the city of Tiberias. Many famous sites are located around the lake, including Capernaum, home to at least five of the twelve disciples.


Herzliya is a city on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, directly to the north of Tel Aviv. Herzliya was founded in 1924 as a moshava. Herzliya is also home to the Interdisciplinary Center- a local and private college for both Israeli and International students. In Herzliya City, you can see Herzliya Art Museum, Sidna-’Ali Mosque and Apollonia-Arsuf.

Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is a brilliant sprawling museum. It is located near the Knesset in Jerusalem. It is a fabulous museum with many exhibits and programs to captivate you for hours. Here you can find several museums in one, including the Shrine of the book and the Second Temple Model.


The mountain fortress of Masada stands on an isolated rock plateau in the south east of Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea. Here you can travel in the cable car but if you’re feeling adventurous then take a walk up the Snake Path to the top of Masada. Because of the heat in Masada, early morning or late afternoon visits are recommended.

Second Temple Model

The Second Temple Model is located in Jerusalem at the Holy Land Hotel. It is the city of Jerusalem re-built to scale (1:50) complete with Jerusalem stone. It was begun in 1964, and since then it has been thoroughly maintained with the most up-to-date archeological and historical data.


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