Top 10 Places to Visit in Las Vegas

Travelling to Las Vegas can be full of excitement and an ultimate fun if you got a list of best places to visit in Las Vegas. Without knowing the best places to visit in Las Vegas, you might ruin lot of your time and huge money. So, we created a detailed list of top 10 places to visit in Las Vegas. Thought there’re many more places in Las Vegas that you should visit, but we recommend you the best ones. Find the list and make sure you don’t miss any one of great locations when you’re there in Las Vegas.

The Freemont Street

Fremont Street is in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are visiting to Las Vegas, your trip will be incomplete, where the attraction is, quite ironically, Glittering lights, stunning visual and sound effects. The Largest part of the Fremont Street is the Viva Vision canopy that is 90 feet above the ground. It has more than 12 million LED modules and 555,000-watt sound system, the light show attracts tourists and locals alike.

Lion Habitat

If you love nature or animals then my advice to you is that visit Lion Habitat. The lion Habitat is a nice place for African lions where you and your family can get a lot of enjoyment. It is 5,345 square feet. The lion Habitat has artificial rocks, it has native plants, and beautiful waterfalls increase the beauty of that place.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world that is located in the Las Vegas, it is one of the twentieth century’s greatest engineering achievement. Hoover Dam is visited by 3,000 people daily. It is built from 6 million tons of concrete and has 15 feet wide highway that stretches from San Francisco to New York City.

Stratosphere Tower

Stratosphere Tower is located on the Las Vegas Strip. It is a tower, hotel, casino; guests here enjoy panoramic views of Las Vegas and the surrounding valley. Stratosphere Tower also known as Vegas World is the tallest observation tower in America and it is also the tallest structure in Las Vegas. It is 350 meters above the ground.

Circus Circus:

If you love circus, you won’t find any place better than Circus Circus in Las Vegas. This is a truly entertaining circus experience, there you will find world class circus acts, a carnival midway, indoor theme park there you will enjoy 25 rides and attractions. You can also enjoy casinos, and it is best place for camping too.

Red Rock Canyon

The red rocks at Red rock canyon are as awe-inspiring as sculpture that is located on the spring mountain in narrow valley. It is popular and famous canyon because of its unique red sandstone. Furthermore red sandstone is layered with gray limestone which has its own attraction to the tourists. It is 600 meter high above the ground.

King Tut Museum at Luxor Las Vegas

At King Tut’s you can find King Tut’s sarcophagus, the world famous guardian statues, and an array of statues, beds, baskets, vases, pottery, gold beds, cared in animal shapes, two life-sized statues of the kindg, chariots, a golden throne, king’s golden coffin, a golden canopic shrine and a sculpture of jackal-headed god Anubis and much more.

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum is Located at the front of The Venetian, the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum was conceived as a venue for the Guggenheim and Hermitage museums. The museum’s exterior and interior walls have been constructed with panels of Cor-Ten steel, which has never before been used as the structure of a museum gallery.

Las Vegas Monorail

Las Vegas Monorail is located on the Las Vegas strip, United States. The Las Vegas Monorail is the first fully automated large-scale monorail in the United States. At Monorail you will find Mandalay Bay, Luxor, New York New York, Paris, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, the Venetian, the Las Vegas Hilton, and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Volcano at the Mirage Las Vegas

Volcano at the Mirage Las Vegas is known over the world for its iconic strip features. The volcano has been one of most popular attractions on the Strip. The volcano is 50 feet high and erupts 40 feet into the air. The volcano erupts every 15 minutes daily from 7 PM to midnight.


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