Top 10 Places to Visit in Philippines

Philippines have a lot for you to see, so if you’re planning to visit the country alone or with family, you must be aware of the best places. We’ve created a list of top ten places to visit inPhilippinesto make your trip more enjoyable. Check it out and have great fun:


Cebu an island has lot of beaches and historical places that is located in central Philippines with Cebu city as Capital. On the beaches you can enjoy fine powdery white sand on which you can walk barefooted. Cebu is well known for its trade and industry that is why it is called as Queen City of the South.


Bohol is an island located inCentral Visayas region with 75 minor surrounding islands. Bohol fertile land has hills that roll gently around lush forests and grassy meadows. Bohol is Famous for Chocolate Hills, Dauis Church, Baclay on Church, Blood Compact / Sandugo, Dagohoy Revolt, and Boli bong King king Festival.AlonaBeachinBoholhas the best attractions for many visitors as it has white sand beaches. Here you can also enjoy number of Bhol Diving spots that offer excellent diving.


Palwan is located in Mimaropa region,Philiphines, its capital isPuertoprincesaCity. Palwan is the most expensive place with a lot of beautiful places. It is the largest province of Philippine in terms of land area. Its rain forse, caves, coral reefs, beaches, its deep blue clear water increases its beauty and they are the real assets of this area.


Davaois located in theislandofMindanao,Philippinesand it is the largest city ofMindanao.Davaois also the largest city inAsiain terms of land area. Davai occupy more than 244,000 hectares and its population is 1,147,116 according to the 2000 Census. Pearl Fram Beach Resort, Philippine Eagle National Center is the most popular places inDavao.Davaois very popular for its natural beauty and resources that include gold and its mining resources include silica, silver, copper and elemental sulfur.


Boracay is beautifulSmallIslandsurrounded by coral reefs, located 315 km south ofManila. Boracay is very famous for its beautiful beaches and because of its beauty Boracay beaches have received award for it. Thousands of people are attracted towards Boracay Resort as it is the hottest travel destination. Boracayis also famous for its White Beach, Aquasports, Boardsailing at Bulabog Beach, Nature Tripping / Eco-Adventure, Boardsailing at Bulabog Beach,, Diving, Recreational Sports, Partyhopping, Shopping, Tibiao Whitewater River, Beaches / White Beach.



Intamuros is the oldest districtManila, and is the capital of the  Philippines. The city was built in 1571. This Oldest capital had well-planned streets, plazas, the Governor’s Palace and churches. The Intamuros is also called as the “WalledCity” as it has crumbling walls. Intamuros is totally constructed with stone blocks. Intramuros has gone through a lot of changes but still it has maintained its old beauty.

Vigan (Ilocos Sur)

Vigan is the capital city ofIlocos Su, which is located on the west coast of northernLuzon. Vigan is the oldest city of colonialPhilippines, which was established in 16th century. Vigan is example of a planned Spanish colonial town inAsiawith a unique European atmosphere. The city has its natural beauty along with natural features that can be enjoyed as well. If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner then don’t forget to visit the Vigan Restaurants.

Batanes (Northenmost part of Cagayan Valley)

Going to Btanes is just like going to another dimension and another time. The provice of Batanes is the smallestprovinceofPhilippines. The provice consist of 10 beautiful islands and three amazing island Itbayat, Batan, and Sabtang are there to increase the beauty of the province. The island-province of Batanes was created by a series of volcanic activities and other geologic forces millions of years ago.



The Bicol is located in the southeastern part ofPhilippines. Bicol which is also known as the Region V, is one of the famous tourist destinations inPhilippines. Bicol has white sand beaches, Mt Volcano,BusayFalls,PuraranBeach, Camalig Catholic Chruch, Barcelona Chruch,BulusanLake, Hoyop Hoyopan cave and world class diving spot.

Baguio (Benguet)

The city ofBaquiois located in northern Luzon in thePhilippines. Baguio is know as City of pines which has central Burnham Park, boating lake,  manicured gardens, Crystal Cave, located about 35 km outside Baguio City, Baguio Cathedral, Session Road, Camp John Hay , Mines View Park , Baguio Botanical Garden , Philippine Military Academy Mount Santo Tomas, Bell Church, Asin Hot Springs, Balatoc Mines & Crosby Park are the places where you can enjoy your trip to Baguio.


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