Top 10 Places to Visit in Seoul

Travelling to Seoul can be full of excitement and more fun if you’ve a list of best places to visit in Seoul. Without knowing the best places to visit in Seoul, you might ruin lot of your time and get an empty pocket. Knowing the importance of list, we built for you a detailed list of top 10 places to visit in Seoul. Thought there’re a lot more places in Seoul which might attract tourists’ attention, but we collected information about the best ones. Find the list and make sure you don’t miss any one of top places when you’re there in Seoul.

Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower is also known as N’ Seoul Tower, the tower itself is really quite simple, providing a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding city. N Seoul Tower is a communication and observation tower that was built in 1969. It is also true cultural space with various performances, movies, exhibitions as well as upscale restaurants and snack bars. Namsan Tower is 236.7 meters high and, it is 480 meters high above sea level. You can reach the Seoul Tower by cable that offers the opportunity to enjoy a nice view of Seoul and of Namsan Park.

Seodaemun Prison

Seodaemun Prison is located near Dongnimmun, Independence Gate. at its peak consisted of 15 buildings able to house some 500 inmates. Seodaemun Prison was transformed into a museum in 1998 and has preserved the buildings as they were. This museum shows the cruelty of war.


Inwangsan, also called Inwang Mountain, is a beautiful temple walk in the heart of Seoul. It has a height of 338 meters. It is also known as white tiger mountain as there are many tigers living in this area. The mountain covers an area of 1,086,696.50, have a lot of peculiar rock formations.

Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village is situated in Yongin city, 41km south of Seoul. Korean Folk Village large area is filled with Korean traditional houses and costumes. Its natural environment occupies approximately 243 acres. Its Folk Museum as well as the Art Museum and folk customs, have own attraction for the tourist. In the Korean Folk Village there are more than 260 houses. In the village you will explore workshops, various handicrafts such as pottery, baskets, winnows, bamboo wares, wooden wares, paper, brass wares, knots, fans, musical instruments, iron wares etc.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is considered to be a large park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The Secret Garden is one of tem. Secret Garden some time called as Biwon, where kings and other members of the royal family would go to relax and entertain. The garden is filled with woodland paths, lotus ponds and many pleasure pavilions. It is the best example of a Korean traditional garden in Korea.

National Museum of Korea

National Museum of Korea is Located in Icheon, and was establishment in 1945, the building is quite large. Inside the museum, benches and resting spaces have been installed, with food court, cultural products stores, coffee shop, and restaurants. The museum contains over 220,000 pieces in its collection with Prehistory and Ancient History Gallery, Medieval and Early Modern History Gallery, Calligraphy and Painting Gallery, Donations Gallery, Asia Gallery, Sculpture and Crafts Gallery and much more.


Insadong Street is one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and is considered to be the largest market for antiques and artworks in Korea. The Insa-dong art and antique district has dozens of art galleries and shops selling art supplies, antiques, and handicrafts along one main street and many side alleys. It’s very crowded though, and everything is concentrated in one place.


Itaewon is a city district, in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It has many restaurants that include dishes from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, and Mexico, foods. The Seoul Central Mosque is also located in Itaewon. Itaewon district is most attraction shopping place of among the foreigners.

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun is a traditional Korean market located near the center of Seoul. It is one of Korea’s largest wholesale markets covers over 10 acres. It is filled with over 1,000 shops, stalls, retailers, street vendors, and has several department stores nearby. Most shops have their own factories and make the products themselves offering both wholesale and retail prices.

Han River

The Han River is a major river in South Korea and the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula. A boat cruise along the Han River is one of the best ways to view Seoul’s river front areas. The total length of the Han River is 514 km. There are several islands in the lower course of the river.


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