Top 10 Places to Visit in Sweden

The most difficult thing while visiting Sweden is probably choice of places to see. There’re so many tourists’ attractions there in Sweden that compiled a list of top 10 places to visit in Sweden. Enjoy the list if you’re there in Sweden for a quick trip and be sure that you enjoy all of these places well. Look into the list below.


Stockholm is the largest city of Sweden and the most populated city in Sweden. Stockholm is situated on the banks of Lake Mälaren. Stockholm is somewhat dreary in the winter but in summer, it is a great tourist destination. Gamla Stan in Stockholm is top tourist attraction. Some of the attraction on Djurgården included the Vasa Museum, the Nordic Museum, Skansen, and Gröna Lund.


Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden. It is situated on Sweden’s west coast at the outlet of the Göta River. Gothenburg has many parks and nature reserves.Some of the attrective places in Gothenburg which you can visit include Liseberg Amusement Park, Volvo Car assembly plant, Rohsska Museum, Linnestanden etc.


Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden. Uppsala is Located about 70 km north of the capital,Stockholm. Uppsala is regarded as a center of the Swedish culture and history. This city has played a crucial role in the developing economy of the country. In appsala,you can visit museums,churches and historical sites.


Kalmar is a beautiful city in Småland in the south-east of Sweden. Kalmar is one of the best and famouse places in sweden.if you visit Kalmar,then don’t miss out to see the famous Kalmar Castle. Kalmar also has an interesting cathedral.

Crystal Country

Crystal country is often called as “Kingdom of Crystal”.crystal country is located to the west of Kalmar. Crystal country is famouse for crystal production crystal country is the home of the world-famous Swedish glassworks. The Kingdom of Crystal offers visitors a wide range of atteractive and enjoy-able sights.


Gotland is Sweden’s largest island. Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. Gotland lies about 60 miles off the southeastern coast of Sweden. Gotland is popular among Swedish holiday-maker because of its unique scenic beauty and rare atmosphere.


Malmo is located in the southernmost province of Scania. It is the third most populous city in Sweden. If you visit Malmo, then don’t forget to see the Lund Cathedral, Åhus, the Glimmingehus, the Trollholms Slott in Marieholm, and the King’s Summer Castle (Sophiaro).

Gota Canal

The Gota Canal is a continuous and beautiful scenic waterway that connects the east and west coasts of Sweden. The Gota Canal itself is 190 km long and most of it dug out by hand. It is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Here you’ll find an abundance of sights and attractions, lush and many charming villages and towns, all embedded in a unique canal atmosphere.

Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is an amazing destination for people who are considering a lifestyle change or to immigrate to Sweden. Lapland is a province in northernmost Sweden. Lapland in Sweden is considered to be the last wilderness in Europe; there you can find dense forest where moose and bear are there. Swedish Lapland has beautiful over 700 islands. Here you will explore three World Heritage Sites that include Church Village of Gammelstad the Laponia Area that have four National Parks and two nature reserves, and the Struve Geodetic Arc in Jupukka Nature Reserve.


Lapland is a province in northernmost Sweden. Lappland is a large county in northern Sweden with population of over 125,000. It is famous and popular for its beautiful scenery, its wildlife like moose, wolves, arctic foxes, thousands of brown bear. It has huge mountains, huge forests, rivers, lakes, many national parks, Sarek the largest park of Sweden is also here. Other important park to visit is Abisko, Björnlandet, Muddus, Padjelanta, Sarek, Stora Sjöfallet, and Vadvetjåkka. Winter is simply wonderful in Lappland that offers you a fairytale world of snow covered forests and frozen lakes.


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