Top 10 Places to Visit in Sydney

Sydney harbor is the first place that comes in mind when you hear the name of the city, but it’s not the only big attraction there, instead there’s a lot to see. There are too many places to visit in Sydney, but neither can we accommodate all of them in our top ten’s list nor you can visit those all in short trip to Sydney. Se, we’ve brought you the finest collection of top ten places inSydneyto visit. Check these out and have a great tour.

The Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is situated on Bennelong Pointand is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It is one of the great and magnificent buildings that is considered to be wonders of the modern world. Opera House has series of large precast concrete shells that are 75.2 meters in radius. The two main halls are arranged side by side and building covers 1.8 hectares of land.

 Taronga Zoo

Tronga zoo is located on the shores of Sydney Harbor, Australia. The zoo was opened in 1916 that have over 2,600 different species of animals from all over the globe. The zoo covers an area of 21 hectares that make it one of the largest of its kind. The famous and popularRusticBridgeis also there with animals like Giraffes, Elephant, Australian Pelican, Royal spoonbill, Pacific Black Duck, Red Kangaroo, Tammar Wallaby etc.

 Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge also known as Coathanger is world’s largest steel arch bridge and world famous landmarks in the world. It carries eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, a footway and a cycle way. The bridge contains 6 million hand driven rivets, length including approach spans is 1149 meters and its arch span is 503 meters. The bridge took eight years to build and over 2000 people were employed to work on the bridge.

Royal Botanic Garden

TheRoyalGardencovers 30 hectares and was established in 1816. There you will find big orchard butterfly, fairy, white butterflies, lizards with blue tongue, 22,000 Grey headed flying foxes, large species of fruit bat etc. The Botanic Gardens is the oldest scientific institution inAustralia.

Blue Mountains

BlueMountainis a mountainous region inNew South Wales,Australia.BlueMountainconsists of seven national park areas and a conservation reserve. Wildlife and especially birdlife is abundant here, there are also many hanging swamps with button grass reeds and thick, deep black soil. It has dramatic scenery of mountains, spectacular cliffs and escarpments of sandstone, limestone and lava rock. The most popular means of transport to theBlue Mountainsis by car.

Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney is located at Milsons Po; it was located at the foot of theSydneyHarborand was built in 1935. Luna Park Sydney an amusement park consisting of Coney Island, Wild Mouse, Dodgem City, Tumble Bug, Ranger, Flying Saucer, Rotor, Spider, Ferris Wheel, Tango Train, Carousel etc. I short there is full entertainment for the entire family.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beachis popular beach that is located inSydney.BondiBeachhas a modern and trendy coastal resort that has white sands and breaking stuffs. It has parks, apartments, eateries, shops, hotels, many popular cafes that attracts the visitors from all around the world.

Darling Harbor

Darling Harbour is one ofSydney’s most popular recreations. The water atDarlingHarboris an attraction by itself.Sydneyaquarium,AustralianNationalMuseum, IMAX Theatre,CockleBayWharfhave their own attraction atDarlingHarbor. AtDarlingHarborover 50 Restaurants, cafes,CockleBayalso increases the charm of the trip.

 Penrith Valley

PenrithValleyis one of Australia’s fastest growing metropolitan cities inSydney.PenrithValleyis in Greater Sydney at the foot of the beautifulBlue Mountains. The outdoor swimming pool is ideal for a refreshing swim, you can enjoy watching movies, Queen Rooms, Family Rooms, Spa rooms and thereNepeanRiver’s at banks are ideal for picnics.

Sutherland Shire

Sutherland Shire is also known as the birth place of modernAustralia. Sutherland Shire that is surrounded by water and is currently the second most populous Local Government Area inSydney. Its sea cliffs, sandy beaches, scrub of kurnell,Sydney’s oil refinery, towra point Nature Reserve, royal national places are the most important beautiful places to visit there.


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