Top 10 Places to Visit in the United States

One of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world. Filled with modern-day marvels to ancient and pre-historic structures and culture the United States is just wonderful. If you’re planning to go to the U.S or you’re in the U.S and don’t know where to start from? Don’t Worry. A list of the top 10 places to visit in the U.S or you can just say a complete guide for you to get an exciting American Tour. So, buckle up your seat belts!

Grand Canyon

Arizona which is a developed state of the U.S is the beautiful countryside for you. If you’re feeling bored or something like you want to be alone, camp out at the Grand Canyons for a relaxing and a life a night without a city. It surely feels good and it gets you an incredible feeling that how small you are against these great canyons. As summers in the Grand Canyon are extremely hot so make sure to camp out only in spring when the atmosphere is good.

New York City
Booming with huge skyscrapers and modern-day beauties New York is one of the most fascinating, exciting beautiful cities of America to visit. An amazing place for tourists and vacationers for them to spend their holidays more relaxing and exciting. However, New York is a small city on just 23 square miles but in such a congested area it still has so many theaters, amusement parks, hotels, and restaurants that are just superb. So, why wait anymore just go on and have got to have a lifetime experience.

Washington DC:
Of course, it is the best that you can get in the U.S. An amazing city filled with so many historic monuments that age back to the early rise of the U.S. A great city to memorize the history of the U.S, and also a great city to do so much more. The Capital of the United States of America has a lot for you to see and it’s one of the most secure places in the USA. Do check out the historic beauty and modern developments together in the big city!

San Diego
A great site for surfers and beach lovers because all of the finest beaches in California are here. Parties, surfing, scuba diving, fishing and absolutely wonderful sands are the glows of San Diego. Make your trip even more exciting and fun by having a visit there. You can find it your perfect science destination too because aquariums, zoos, and aquatic life parks are just a step away.

San Francisco
Now who can forget the famous San Francisco? Famous for its trolley cars, hilltops, food, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco is rated amongst the top cities of America. Filled with joyful people and such pleasant sightings San Francisco surely is a beauty. Not just the sights you see, there’s much more to do there. And really, it’s an exciting, fascinating, and fun place to be in. San Francisco is mostly visited by tech geeks and entrepreneurs but it’s equally exciting for tourists who want to make good use of vacation!

Hawaii may be small but the adventure here is totally big. A small island you can say but the best beaches, volcanoes, steep hills, restaurants, and hotels are just here. You can go fishing or just sit and relax on the warm beaches of Hawaii. It’s a wonder for everyone. An Amazing destination for perfect holidays. Think of some Hawaiian Music and dance on the beach and you’ll ultimately wish to pay a visit! Summer is the perfect season to enjoy here!

Las Vegas
A luxury city you can say but it also has a totally different perspective too. You can just wander around casinos, bars or stay at a luxury hotel or something but if you want to make your trip more exciting then Vegas is filled with natural beauties. The Death Valley which is some distance away, or the Grand Canyons or you could even go to the famous Colorado River. Not just these beauties it also has many more things to show.

Small but exciting to visit. Seattle is a beautiful but small city near Mt. Rainer, as you may have heard the name. The small city has beautiful views and marvels to show. The streets are filled with fresh food stalls and shops. It’s just a great feeling you get in this city, that how small this city is and it has so much to offer. If you’re to visit USA and Seattle is not on your list, you’re literally missing a great opportunity to explore an exciting city!

Of course, famous for its beaches and the awesome weather it has a great city to see and a wonderful place to live in. A relaxing side of the U.S where peace is what everyone comes for. Relaxing on the beaches and just chilling out is the motto of Miami. Although it’s rushy most of the time, but there are some peaceful corners as well, like 85th street beach Miami where you can swim, surf, and may be fish as well in a peaceful environment!

One of the most amazing and beautiful cities of America. Boston is a great city on all perspectives because from history to modern age it has all you want. Amazing parks, zoos, science and amusement parks, theaters and luxury hotels are present in the city. Isn’t it all you want on a Holiday?



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